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You're in!

Yes! Let's get focused and get sh*t done

Welcome to Get Focused AF

I’m thrilled you’ve chosen to join our community. You’ll find resources to help you with setting and meeting goals, holding yourself accountable for doing the work that will help you meet your goals, support and camaraderie from our fab community, and guidance from me.

No more looking back over the past three months and wondering where the time went as you review your quarterly goals and just shift their deadlines forward without checking much off your list.

With the guidance and support you’ll find in GFAF, you can kick those days to the curb.

What's the big goal you're bringing with you to GFAF?

Here are your next steps...

Join us in Slack

You’ll find our members in Slack where we chant on mindset, accountability, and a whole host of other business topics. It’s where we cheer each other on and find the support we need as we make big moves in our businesses.

Visit the GFAF member dashboard

Your member hub is the one-stop platform with the video archive from guest speakers and summit presentations as well as all workbooks and monthly challenge materials. You’ll also find a calendar, so you never miss a regular meeting or special session.

Again, welcome! I'm excited you are joining our community.