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Quick question for my dear friends and beta members

What if you found more of what you
need in the Get Focused AF membership?

And what if all of what you found in the program helped you create a path with fewer obstacles standing in the way of your progress… A path you feel encouraged to follow with less hesitation and fewer doubts.

And, what if that path was lined with (more) fellow entrepreneurs – people who were not only working toward their goals, but who excitedly cheered you on. 

You know, the people who’ve got your back… the people who inspire you… the people who help push and pull you over the finish line.

As entrepreneurs that kind of support is essential to sustainable success…

… because entrepreneurs don’t often have friends or family members who truly understand just how hard this path is and you need to surround yourself with people who do understand. People who will prop you up when you falter, fall, or fail.

And, that can happen on almost a daily basis.

You know this group already exists, because you’ve spent the past year helping mold it…

Now, it offers more. This group and The Arena will be my new full time focus and that means you get more of what originally inspired you to join. So, you will remain inspired.

Inspired to say yes to that hard thing you’ve been avoiding…
Inspired to create that offer you weren’t sure you were ready for…

Inspired to…

Whatever it is you want to do – whatever it is that makes you feel that discomfort that comes with growth…

What if you were inspired to do that?

How would your business… how would your life change?

After too many years of going it alone... my business was transformed

I’m Betsy Muse, founder of Rocket Fuel Strategy, Get Focused AF, and The Arena. I’m a summit organizer and podcast host.

I know how finding the right accountability partners has helped me make scary (and exciting) moves in my business.

And I know how the accountability programs I started in both Copyhackers’ communities – 10x Freelance Copywriter and Copy School – have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and copywriters over the past two and a half years.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Betsy Muse
Amy Posner

Betsy communicates in a way that encourages success

Betsy is an amazing mentor. Not only is she incredibly smart and knowledgeable, she’s kind. She’s no-nonsense yet knows how to communicate in a way that encourages success and makes people feel better about themselves, even in difficult situations. To me, that makes a great mentor.

Plenty of people are experts, most are not able to help other people achieve expertise themselves. Betsy can, and she does -- and people love her for it.

Amy Posner, Mentor & Coach
Amy Posner & Magnetic North Mastermind

Betsy helped bring clarity to my business plans

Betsy helped bring clarity to my business plans and her program provided the intense focus I needed to build a strong foundation for my new business.

Envision has been my dream for years and after working with Betsy, I finally felt I was ready to fully launch and start driving traffic to my website, show up on social, and embrace my authority.

Sherylle Bates, Founder
Sherylle Bates Brand & Envision

If you're looking for a more direct path to your goals... I'm excited to introduce
the new and improved Get Focused AF

A community of entrepreneurs that will inspire you to dream big, explore new ideas, and accomplish more

Slack Community

Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow entrepreneurs in our active Slack community. You’ll find co-working and accountability partners. And, you’ll find our members are always happy to answer questions.


You’ll get more accomplished and enjoy having company during these quiet coworking sessions. A group Zoom channel is almost always available for co-working and business chats.

Mindfulness Sessions

Marika Tosi hosts a half hour check-in each Wednesday as well as a monthly training on an important topic for entrepreneurs. Michael Antonicelli ends our week with a Friday session.

Monthly Challenges

Each month you’re provided with resources to help improve a specific area of your business. And we often include a contest to help push and pull you across the finish line.

Accountability Check-ins

Share your progress in Slack where you’ll find the level of accountability that works for you. Each Monday there’s a quick check-in on Zoom so you can get the help and encouragement you need.

Friendly Review Fridays

Get copy and marketing assets reviewed by your peers many of whom are professional copywriters and marketers. You can also present ideas you want feedback on.

Sprint Weeks

You know how projects will sit at 80-95% complete when your attention is drawn to more urgent work? In this week each month you finish those projects with the help of extra co-working.


The Get Focused AF membership platform houses workbooks, mini courses, guest speaker videos, and the full summit videos from the Lead Gen liftoff and keys to Conversions summits.

Annual Retreat & Meetups

Get Focused offers online and in-person retreats and planning sessions. Our annual goal-setting retreat in 2022 will be in Hawaii. Meetups and retreats are an additional fee.

Michael Antonicelli

Get Focused AF has been one of my best decisions

Originally I joined Get Focused for the accountability. It has delivered on that. 

But what I've gotten out of it has been so much more. It’s honestly been invaluable.

Follow-through on my own idea. Thanks to the encouragement, feedback, and guidance of the Get Focused community, I turned an idea from ‘mulling over’ into my most significant thought leadership & personal brand building piece to date.

This WOULD NOT have seen the light of day without Get Focused. Joining this community has been one of my best decisions.

Michael Antonicelli

Betsy is generous with her time and expertise

Making the decision to work with Betsy was a no brainer for me. After one conversation with her I knew I wanted to work with her, one way or another. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it.

Betsy is the most generous person I have ever come across in business. She genuinely wants to help entrepreneurs. And she doesn’t try to force you into a cookie cutter box. She meets you right where you’re at.

As soon as I heard what Betsy was putting together for entrepreneurs, I knew I had to be part of it. It was so intensive. Full on business mode. Exactly what I needed.

Betsy was so generous with her time and expertise. She coached me through the whole process. I was blown away by the whole experience.

Gemma Biz

Sunny Hunt

Betsy will push you to think harder & dream bigger

Betsy is an amazing motivator and coach. She is intelligent, empathetic, but absolutely will see through your excuses and push you to think harder, dream bigger, and execute with excellence.

Sunny Hunt
Hunt Interaction

Let's get you Focused AF so you're ready to take your BEST next step

Whether you need strict accountability to accomplish your goals or just a little encouragement along the way… you’ll find what you need in our amazingly supportive community in Slack.

Combine the support you’ll get from me and the GFAF community with…

… and you’ll have what you need to focus on your goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.

I’m so glad you’re here. Now, let’s get focused!

*Annual planning retreat is not included in the price of the membership

Join Get Focused... with two ways to pay

Lock in the Beta Founding Member rate between now and January 7, 2022 and your rate will not go up as long as you maintain your membership.

Monthly Beta Founding Member $27/ month

Annual Beta Founding Member $324 / year

Ricki Oldenkamp

I've drastically increased what I quote for my work

I am so appreciative of the time Betsy spends crafting helpful resources, but beyond that the time she spends advocating for us to prioritize the health and longevity of our businesses by charging appropriately for the work we do. With the help she has given me on my mindset around what I charge, I've been able to drastically increase what I quote for my work.

Thank you again Betsy. I really do appreciate all the effort you put into reaching your hand to us and saying "hey, come along on this business journey, reap the benefits of what I have learned!"